The Timeline Kids Differnece

There is an endless sea of children’s curriculum for you to choose from. View the chart below to see how Timeline Kids stands out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a curriculum that’s intentional about discipleship, creates a space for the Holy Spirit, founded on Solid Biblical theology, and engages every age group, then Timeline Kids is the perfect fit for your children’s ministry.

What Makes Timeline Kids Different?

Curriculum Comparison chart


Other Curriculums


Timeline Kids

Teach Random Concepts and Moral Lessons

Other curriculums teach concept-based lessons that reference a bible character and give an isolated moral lesson.

Explain The Biblical Narrative as a Whole

We teach the narrative of the Bible as a whole. Putting the characters and events into the context of God’s overall plan of redemption, and how they point to Jesus.

Use Overly Fictional "Make-believe" Visuals

Other curriculums use muppets, legos, fictional characters etc, that look like the tv shows they watch at home. This blurs the line between what’s make-believe and what’s real.

Use Realistic and Imaginative Visuals

We believe the Bible is real. That’s why we use visuals that look different. Our documentary-style videos, narrated by kids, communicate the events of the Bible as real and factual, in a way that’s engaging even for younger age groups.

Have Shallow or Generic Lessons

Other curriculums are produced by large corporate organizations that use shallow and generic content that have mass appeal to all denominations.

Built For Like-Minded Churches

Your Pastor’s sermons aren’t generic or relevant for 100s of different denominations, they’re unique and specific to your church’s DNA. We believe your children’s lessons should be the same way. We produce our curriculum as a family and test our lessons in local churches. We align with like-minded churches who value the Bible and the Holy Spirit and we empower Kids Pastors to disciple children.

Don’t Make Room For The Spirit

Other curriculums either emphasize the Bible only, or the Holy Spirit only, leaving you to have to edit your lesson files each week to fill in the gaps.

Emphasize The Word And The Spirit Equally

Timeline kids is founded on Biblical teaching while also creating a space for prayer, worship, and encounters with the Holy Spirit. While our documents are customizable, you won’t be left to fill in the blanks each week.

Entertain Kids

Other curriculums help you keep kids entertained during service. They’re effective in babysitting kids, but don’t take it deep, or engage kids with activities directly related to the lessons.

Disciple Kids

We empower churches to view their children’s ministry as discipleship, not just occupying or entertaining kids while their parents are in service. We empower you to minister to kids just like you minister to families in your adult services.

Sell You Stuff You Don’t Need

Other curriculums sell you extraneous digital or printed material. They segment their content into different add-on packages which can make it frustrating to determine your final price.

Simple And Honest Pricing

We cut out all the bells and whistles to offer you a simple “one price” solution for everything you need. All age-groups, media types, and lesson files are in one package, based on your church size.

Teach An Incomplete Biblical Storyline

Other curriculums end the Biblical storyline with the book of Acts and Paul. Cutting out the glorious climax to the Old and New Testament.

Reveal The Complete Story From Genesis To Revelation

While we love Acts and cover Paul in our curriculum, the glorious ending to the Biblical storyline is the return of Jesus. We share the truths about the second coming in a safe, age appropriate way, that connects it to God’s overall plan of redemption.

Have A Disconnected Week-to-Week Experience

Other curriculums have a different lesson topic week to week, or have a completely different focus from unit to unit.

Use Repetition and Chronology

We connect lessons together by using the same video for two weeks. Each month and unit flows in chronological order, and each year builds upon the previous foundation. Your first time visitors can get a recap of last week’s lesson, and your regular attendees can continue on a structured discipleship path.

Use Similar Terminology to Secular Education Systems

Other curriculums use similar terminology to secular education systems, emphasizing “curiosity” and “self-discovery”. While this isn’t inherently evil, it has become a platform for the progressive agenda, which encourages children to question God’s established order in creation, family, marriage, sexuality, etc.

Use The Bible As The Model

We believe the next generation needs Biblical discipleship that is clear and distinct from the world’s systems. Faith doesn’t begin with wonder or curiosity, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” The Truth of the Bible is absolute and clear. Faith is a journey that begins, not by looking inward to self, but by looking to Jesus, the very image of God whom we’re created to be like.

Use The New Testament Only

Other curriculums focus only on the new testament. Very few make key connections between Jesus and Israel, the patriarchs, the prophets, and the Apostles.

Focus On The Entire Bible

We teach the Biblical narrative as a whole. Building a foundation from the old Testament and explaining how kids fit into God’s full plan of redemption, today and in in the future.

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