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Shelby Slaughter’s miracluous story of healing has been featured in Podcasts and online publications. To feature Shelby view our booking page or download our press release.

Creating a Curriculum For Children That's Word & Spirit

Shelby and Nathan Slaughter share their testimony of family tragedy, healing, and breakthrough. Timeline Kids Curriculum was birthed out of a season of trials and testing, and is now being used to minister to kids and families. Michael and Lorisa Miller share their experience of how God has been working in the children of UPPERROOM through the lessons developed by the Slaughter family.

From Death to Life A Miracle Story with Shelby Slaughter

In a heart-stopping moment, Shelby experienced a cardiac arrest while driving, leading to a tragic accident. She was found lifeless at the scene, with no heartbeat and no breath. Medical indicators suggested she had been gone for an astounding 45 minutes, and the swelling in her brain confirmed the unimaginable. But here’s where the miraculous intervention of God comes into play. Shelby was not only resurrected but experienced a profound healing journey.

What God Can Birth in the Middle of a Miracle

On this week’s episode of Set Apart Women our beautiful guest, Shelby Slaughter (children’ pastor at Upper Room Dallas) shares one of the most incredible miracle stories today. She is truly a walking miracle and in the midst of her own healing… God birthed something so set apart we had to bring this content to you. Check out the link below to visit Timelines Kids for your own family. What a joy to have Shelby on today!

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