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The Timeline of Genesis (Paperback)

The first book in our series is now available for purchase on Amazon. The Bible can be understood as a timeline of redemption. In its opening chapters, the book of Genesis presents how things began, why things went wrong, and how God plans to redeem all things. God promises that a child will come from Eve's family and this child will restore the perfect peace, rest, and blessing as it was in the beginning.

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A Visual Journey Through the Bible

Give your students powerful visuals to imagine the events of the scriptures as they truly happened. Our videos feature voiceovers recorded by children. This forces us to use simple language so that we can accurately translate the scriptures to each age group.

"Brain Break" Song Videos

Cause we all need a break sometimes

Brain breaks are a great way for kids to "wiggle their sillies out". In some cases burning off extra energy can help them focus. We have custom music written, created, and recorded by our children.

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