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If you want to grow the impact and effectiveness of your children’s ministry, then Timeline kids ministry curriculum is perfect for your church. Timeline kids is founded on Biblical teaching while also creating a space for prayer, worship, and encounters with the Holy Spirit. While our documents are customizable, you won’t be left to fill in the blanks each week. We teach the narrative of the Bible as a whole. We believe the Bible is real and that’s why we use visuals that look different from the fictional make-believe shows kids watch at home. Kids are hungry for the truth. They’re longing for his presence, will you disciple them?


For The Ministry of


Teaching The Narrative Of The Bible As A Whole

We strive to maintain a faithful witness to the Gospel, that’s in line with what Jesus’ earliest disciples heard and taught. “Maranatha,” meaning “Come Lord Jesus,” was the mantra of the early church. We desire to see the Maranatha message restored in the body of Christ. This is why we present the scriptures through the framework of God’s Covenant Promises, leading to his ultimate plan of redemption. Download Free Lessons to see this in action!
The Promise of a Child
God first reveals his plan to redeem
all things in Genesis 3:15 when he
promises that Eve will have a son.
This child will crush the head of the
snake. The promise is passed down
through Noah all the way to Abraham.
Revelation of God's Plan

God reveals more about his plan
to redeem all things through
the special child. We learn
more about the family, nation,
and Kingdom from which he will
come; examining Abraham, Moses,
David, and the prophets.

The Coming of The Messiah

The child finally comes! Jesus the Son
of Adam, the Son of Abraham, the Son
of David. He is fully God and fully man.
full of grace and truth. His death is our
forgiveness from sin and his
resurrection is our hope that one day he
will return to redeem all things.

The Coming of The Spirit
Because Jesus has risen and gone up
into heaven, his followers recieve the
promised gift of the Holy Spirit. His
Spirit works through the Apostles
as revival breaks out in Jerusalem.
Jesus encounters a man named Paul who
shares Jesus with people everywhere.
Your Place On The
You are living your life within God’s
Timeline today! The cross of Jesus has
already happened, and the return of
Jesus hasn’t happened yet. All of your
prayer, worship, relationship and labor
with God in this life is unto the return
of Jesus and redemption of all things.
The Redemption of All
The return of Jesus is the climactic end
to the Bible’s story. He will come again
to redeem all things. He will do away with
wickednenss, crying, pain and death.
Heaven and Earth will be made
new and we will recieve new resurrected
bodies and live in relationship with him
forever in the Kingdom of God.

Inviting The Work Of The Spirit Through Prayer

You can start developing a prayer culture in your kids ministry with the help of our simple prayer guide! You don’t need world class musicians, state of the art sound systems, or perfectly behaved kids. By following the simple steps of Thanksgiving, Worship, and Intercession, you can empower your kids and volunteers, to engage with God through prayer, no matter your group size.

One Subscription, Multiple Years of Curriculum

View the Scope & Sequence for year 1 and year 2 of Timeline Kids Curriculum.

Sunday School Kids Curriculum, Done Differently.

If you’ve been looking for a Kids Curriculum that’s fresh and different, check out our comparison chart and learn what makes Timeline Kids truly stand out from the rest.

Timeline Kids is Effective For Churches of all Sizes

Scalable For Small Teams, Easy For Large Groups

If your current volunteer numbers are a bit limited, there’s no need for concern. The beauty of Timeline Kids is it’s versatility for children’s ministries of all sizes. Whether you’re leading a volunteer group or taking charge of a small group of children single-handedly, Timeline Kids has been meticulously crafted to suit your needs.

Timeline Kids is designed to be a time, effort, and cost-saving solution. By taking care of all the groundwork in advance, our kids ministry curriculum enables you to optimize your time and channel your energy into people, rather than curriculum preparation.

Try Timeline Kids Ministry Curriculum For Free!

Download one of our free kids curriculum lessons and try it with your children’s ministry. Fill out the form to gain access to two free lesson. One from the New Testament highlights Jesus life and miracles or “messianic signs,” including the feeding of the 5,000, healing the blind man, and raising Lazarus from the dead. The Old Testament lesson covers God’s calling of Moses and deliverance of Israel from Egypt.

Gain Access To Timeline Kids Curriculum Online

Sign up now to gain access to your very own online dashboard. Where you can easily download everything you need for your weekly Sunday school Bible lessons. All the files for your kids ministry curriculum are in the dashboard, including videos, activities sheets, games, object lessons, and Bible discussion questions!

What Leaders Are Saying About The Curriculum

Risa Adams<br>Family Director
Risa Adams
Family Director
Antioch Galveston
Galveston, TX
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"Our church Antioch Galveston has loved Timeline Curriculum. I love that each lesson connects to Jesus and the New Testament. It gives so much more meat to the stories and connects the whole story of the Bible and our part in the story. The teachers love the curriculum because it’s right to the point and not over bearing. They give deep revelation for each grade level that is easy to read and right to the point. The kids have enjoyed the games and activities that go with each lesson. We look forward to each week."
Julie Tatios<br>Kids Coordinator
Julie Tatios
Kids Coordinator
HOUSE Denver
Denver, CO
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"This curriculum has truly blessed our teachers and our children so much! We're in month 5 of our year and we absolutely love it. The teachers and the children have been learning so much about the bible and the activities and games that go along with it are simple, but fun, but so thoughtful and always connect so well with the bible content for that specific week. It hits all the major parts of the bible and really sets an amazing basis for the kids so that when they grow up they will be familiar with the timeline of the bible! We love the focus on Israel, too!"
Issac and Hannah Gunn<br>Lead Children’s Ministers
Issac and Hannah Gunn
Lead Children’s Ministers
Summit Church
Rainbow City, AL
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"We are 2 months into Timeline Curriculum and I am amazed at what God is doing in our kids. Ultimately it’s Him but we are seeing the fruits of our labor in being consistent in the Timeline curriculum and seeing little ones who are feasting on God’s word and growing in relationship with Him. It’s such a blessing! I want to thank you for FaceTiming me and helping us to be able to do this with Summit Kids. It’s making a huge impact and it’s blessing the adults too!! God is so good!!"

Simple, Customizable, Budget Friendly.

Light On Your Budget

With many popular kids ministry curriculum’s you’re required to purchase lots of extra materials for crafts, activities, skits, and object lessons. With Timeline Kids, we give you options to enhance the crafts and activities, but keep them minimal so you can be effective on a budget.

Easy For Teams To Prep

Our Timeline Kids lesson activities and crafts are more minimal compared to other popular children’s curriculums, so your team can save time preparing lesson materials, and focus on other important things.

Fully Customizable

With Timeline Kids, you have options. You can easily customize the lesson notes to fit your specific classroom needs. Simply download the lesson file as an editable document format and update the lesson outline.

User-friendly Dashboard

You can easily access all the lesson plans, video files, crafts, activity sheets, and bonus files by logging in to your online dashboard on Your account takes minutes to setup and is easy to navigate.

Imaginative Kids Ministry Curriculum Videos

Curriculum Videos With Children’s Voiceovers

There is something profound about a child hearing the scriptures explained to them by another child. When comparing curriculum video styles we notice that children were more engaged when the voiceover was delivered by a child as opposed to an adult. We believe this is a powerful peer-to-peer model for showing kids, “hey, the Bible is for you!”

Realistic Images and Bible Characters

While many popular children’s curriculum videos have a very “cartoony” look, Timeline Kids takes a realistic approach. We want children to see the scriptures as different and set apart from the TV shows they watch at home. We’ve found that generation alpha engages more with imaginative and highly creative lesson visuals, and we know your students will love our kids ministry curriculum videos as well.

Engaging Every Age Group

It’s important for videos to be concise, informative, and engaging. We utilize simple editing techniques like changing the “shot” every 5-10 seconds. Using children’s voices keeps younger students engaged, while the imaginative and realistic looking aesthetic keeps older students watching. The Timeline Kids lesson videos are truly unique in the way that they engage each age group.

Proven Teaching Methods

Hear it, See it, Do it

Students are more likely to retain the main theme of the lesson when they hear the message, see a visual, and do a hands-on activity. That’s why all of our lessons have a powerful visual that reinforces the message, an engaging activity to get students activated, and a thought provoking craft to get their hands working. All of these have been meticulously designed to reinforce the scripture so that the word takes root deep in students’ hearts.

Repetition is Key

Timeline Kids makes space for your regular attendees to be challenged each week, while making space for kids who have more sporadic attendance. One memory verse is repeated for the entire month and lesson videos are repeated twice to account for students who missed the week prior. This also allows children who have already seen the video once, to see things they missed. And besides, when kids like something they say, “let’s watch it again!”

Prepare The “Meat” of The Word For Each Age Group

Everyone who goes through your kids ministry curriculum should be eating the “meat” of God’s word. But how you prepare that “meat” will differ for each age group. The littles need their lesson pureed and spoon fed. Your Toddlers might need their meat pre-cut. While your fourth graders simply need a knife and fork handed to them. This is how we approach teaching the Bible to students of all ages.

Music For Your Kids Ministry

Christian Brain Break Song Videos

Brain break videos are effective for helping younger students get their wiggles out. Allowing them to praise God through singing and dancing helps them release energy and can help ground them for the lesson.

Background Soaking Worship Music

Inviting the Holy Spirit into your classroom is essential for having an atmosphere of peace and safety. You can use our background soaking worship songs during your craft times, or any quiet time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Timeline Kids Curriculum cost?

Detailed pricing information can be found on our pricing page. We offer different pricing tiers based on the size of your children's ministry. To determine the suitable tier for your needs, add up the total number of children participating in your children's ministry on a weekly basis.

Do you have something I can show my Church Board?

Yes! You can share our curriculum plan with them. You can also download a free lesson and allow them to review the lesson plans, coloring sheets, and video clips.

How do I access the lesson plans and video clips?

Once you've subscribed you can log in to your account with your username and password. From your dashboard area, you can navigate the folders for the months and weeks, and download the files you need. The interface is user-friendly and very similar to google drive.

How many kids curriculum lessons are there?

In all, there are 50 lessons available, distributed across four units throughout the year. Year 1 is available now and Year 2 will be available this August 2024. Each unit spans 3 months and comprises four lessons per month. Additionally, we've included special Christmas and Easter lessons that you can incorporate as per your annual schedule. Check out our Curriculum outline pdf for more information.

Do I get a whole year of lessons all at once?

You will not have access to the entire year when you first sign up. You get "rolling access" to the curriculum. "Rolling Access" means that content is "drip fed" or released gradually over time. When you sign up you will see Unit 1 in your dashboard (3 months of lessons). Then after 2 months Unit 2 will appear in your dashboard. After that Unit 3 will be available and Unit 1 will go away, so forth and so on.

What is included with my subscription to Timeline Kids?

You gain rolling access to multiple years of lessons for your kid's church. Each weekly lesson includes age-specific lesson plans for ages 6 months to 6 years old. A 3-4 minute lesson video, coloring sheets, and activity sheets are included.

How many video clips are included?

Timeline includes 26 lesson videos. Each video is a 3-4 minute animated video with voiceovers recorded by children! Each month has 2 unique videos that cover the 4 different lessons for the month. Meaning each video clip will be used for two weeks. This improves retention and understanding and accounts for students who might have missed the previous week. (There are 4 unique sets of lesson plans, coloring sheets, and activities per month)

Can I download files for future use?

You will need an active Timeline Kids subscription to access your dashboard and lesson files. Maintaining an active subscription will give you access to multiple years of curriculum.

What happens after Year 1 is over?

Year 1 “God’s Plan of Redemption” is available now. Year 2 “The Testimony of Jesus" will be available starting this school year, August 2024. We’re planning to do a third year but haven't put out anything official yet. Essentially, you will be able to cycle through three unique years of Curriculum for years to come, if you maintain an active subscription.

Have a question?

We know kids ministry can be a challenge. If there’s anything we can help you with, please let us know! We are committed to seeing children’s pastors, leaders, and parents like you, equipped, and empowered to minister to children. Let us know how we can help!
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