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Year 1 - God's Plan of Redemption

UNIT 1: From Creation to Israel

UNIT 2: From Nation to Exile

UNIT 3: Jesus and The Apostles

UNIT 4: Your Place In The Timeline

Year 2 - The Testimony of Jesus

Unit 1 - The Testimony of Jesus

Unit 2 - Jesus The Son of God

Unit 3 - Jesus Christ Crucified

Unit 4: Jesus And My Identity

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Christmas Lesson

Easter Lesson


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Year 1 - God's Plan of Redemption

Year 2 - The Testimony of Jesus

Units of lessons are "drip fed" gradually as you maintain an active subscription.

Units of the curriculum will be gradually available to you throughout the year. You must maintain a current subscription to access the dashboard. Unit 1 will be available as soon as you register. Unit 2 will be available 2 months after your registration date (the date you signed up for Timeline Kids). Unit 3 will be available 5 months after your registration date, etc.


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