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Children's Curriculum Pricing Questions

Do I get a whole year of curriculum lessons all at once?

Upon initial registration, the complete annual curriculum will not be immediately accessible. Instead, you will be granted "rolling access", which involves a gradual and timed release of content. Upon signup, you will find Unit 1 displayed in your dashboard, covering a span of 3 months worth of lessons. After a 2-month interval, Unit 2 will become visible in your dashboard. This pattern continues with the appearance of Unit 3 after 5 months, and Unit 4 after 8 months

How many kids curriculum lessons are there?

In all, there are 50 lessons available, distributed across four units throughout the year. Year 1 is available now and Year 2 will be available this August 2024. Each unit spans 3 months and comprises four lessons per month. Additionally, we've included special Christmas and Easter lessons that you can incorporate as per your annual schedule. Check out our Curriculum outline pdf for more information.

What happens after Year 1 is over?

Year 1 “God’s Plan of Redemption” is available now. Year 2 “The Testimony of Jesus" will be available starting this school year, August 2024. We’re planning to do a third year but haven't put out anything official yet. Essentially, you will be able to cycle through three unique years of Curriculum for years to come, if you maintain an active subscription.

Do you have something I can show my Church Board?

Absolutely! You're welcome to share our curriculum outline with them. Additionally, you have the option to download a free lesson, enabling them to preview a lesson plan, coloring sheet, and video for themselves.

How many video clips are included?

Timeline includes 26 lesson videos. Each video is a 3-4 minute animated video with voiceovers recorded by children! Each month has 2 unique videos that cover the 4 different lessons for the month. Meaning each video clip will be used for two weeks.

What is included with my subscription to Timeline Kids?

You get rolling access to multiple years of Curriculum. Each week's lesson includes tailored lesson plans for ages ranging from 6 months to 6 years. This includes a 3-4 minute animated video, as well as coloring and activity sheets.

What does the curriculum volunteer training include?

We record in-person volunteer trainings and include these video clips in your online dashboard. Depending on your location and budget you may also book Nathan and Shelby Slaughter to come to your church or group and do an in-person curriculum training.

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We are committed to seeing children’s pastors, leaders, and parents like you, equipped, and empowered to minister to children. Please let us know if you have any questions about our children’s curriculum pricing.
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