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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Timeline Kids Curriculum cost?

Our pricing is outlined on our pricing page. There are 3 pricing tiers, billed annually or monthly. You can determine what tier applies to you based on the total number of children and volunteers who attend your children's ministry each week.

How do I access the lesson plans and video clips?

Once you've subscribed you can log in to your account with your username and password. From your dashboard area, you can navigate the folders for the months and weeks, and download the files you need. The interface is user-friendly and very similar to google drive.

How many lessons are there?

There are 50 lessons in total. The year is broken up into four units. Each unit consists of 3 months of lessons (each month containing four lessons). We also include a Christmas and Easter lesson for you to insert at any point based on your own yearly schedule. View our curriculum plan to learn more details.

Do I get a whole year of lessons all at once?

You will not have access to the entire year when you first sign up. You get "rolling access" to the curriculum. "Rolling Access" means that content is "drip fed" or released gradually over time. When you sign up you will see Unit 1 in your dashboard (3 months of lessons). Then after 2 months Unit 2 will appear in your dashboard. After that Unit 3 will be available and Unit 1 will go away, so forth and so on.

What happens after the 2023-2024 year is over?

After your annual subscription is up, you may renew or discontinue your subscription. We will be creating another year-long series for 2024-2025 and we hope you will stay subscribed! We will release more information about year two in the future.

Can I download files for future use?

We ask that if you are actively using Timeline Kids curriculum in your children's ministry that you maintain an active subscription to

What is included with my subscription to Timeline Kids?

You gain rolling access to an entire year of lessons for your kid's church, as well as future curriculum releases. Each weekly lesson includes age-specific lesson plans for ages 6 months to 6 years old. A 3-4 minute lesson video, coloring sheets, and activity sheets are included.

How many video clips are included?

Timeline includes 26 lesson videos. Each video is a 3-4 minute animated video with voiceovers recorded by children! Each month has 2 unique videos that cover the 4 different lessons for the month. Meaning each video clip will be used for two weeks. This improves retention and understanding and accounts for students who might have missed the previous week. (There are 4 unique sets of lesson plans, coloring sheets, and activities per month)

Do you have something I can show my Church Board?

Yes! You can share our curriculum plan with them. You can also download a free lesson and allow them to review the lesson plans, coloring sheets, and video clips.

I'm not with a church, can I purchase Timeline Kids?

Yes! If you're a homeschool group or a small group we would love for you to sign up for Timeline Kids! For questions about pricing you can reach out to me at

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