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to Live In God's Timeline

Timeline Kids empowers children’s Pastors to disciple nursery—6th graders, with curriculum that emphasizes the Word and The Spirit. You and your team are called for such a time as this, to declare the Testimony of God to a generation. Kids are hungry for the truth and something real. They’re longing for his presence, will you disciple them?


Get Multiple Years of Children's Curriculum Lessons

Sign up now to create your account, where you can easily download everything you need for your weekly Kids Church. All the files for our kids ministry curriculum are available in the Timeline Kids dashboard, including videos, activities sheets, coloring sheets, games, object lessons, and Bible discussion questions.

What Leaders Are Saying About Timeline Kids Curriculum

Risa Adams<br>Family Director
Risa Adams
Family Director
Antioch Galveston
Galveston, TX
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"Our church Antioch Galveston has loved Timeline Curriculum. I love that each lesson connects to Jesus and the New Testament. It gives so much more meat to the stories and connects the whole story of the Bible and our part in the story. The teachers love the curriculum because it’s right to the point and not over bearing. They give deep revelation for each grade level that is easy to read and right to the point. The kids have enjoyed the games and activities that go with each lesson. We look forward to each week."
Julie Tatios<br>Kids Coordinator
Julie Tatios
Kids Coordinator
HOUSE Denver
Denver, CO
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"This curriculum has truly blessed our teachers and our children so much! We're in month 5 of our year and we absolutely love it. The teachers and the children have been learning so much about the bible and the activities and games that go along with it are simple, but fun, but so thoughtful and always connect so well with the bible content for that specific week. It hits all the major parts of the bible and really sets an amazing basis for the kids so that when they grow up they will be familiar with the timeline of the bible! We love the focus on Israel, too!"
Issac and Hannah Gunn<br>Lead Children’s Ministers
Issac and Hannah Gunn
Lead Children’s Ministers
Summit Church
Rainbow City, AL
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"We are 2 months into Timeline Curriculum and I am amazed at what God is doing in our kids. Ultimately it’s Him but we are seeing the fruits of our labor in being consistent in the Timeline curriculum and seeing little ones who are feasting on God’s word and growing in relationship with Him. It’s such a blessing! I want to thank you for FaceTiming me and helping us to be able to do this with Summit Kids. It’s making a huge impact and it’s blessing the adults too!! God is so good!!"

Sunday School Kids Curriculum,
Done Differently.

If you’ve been looking for a Kids Curriculum that’s fresh and different, check out our comparison chart and learn what makes Timeline Kids truly stand out from the rest.

User Friendly Dashboard Web App

When you subscribe to a Timeline Kids membership you get access to your own account and dashboard where you can easily download all the curriculum files you need for each lessons. The interface is similar to Google Drive and is very easy to use.

What's Included With Timeline Kids Curriculum

the online dashboard for Timeline Kids online children's curriculum

Created By Our Family, For Your Church Family.

Nathan and Shelby Slaughter are Founders of Timeline Kids. Shelby is a children’s book author, ordained minister, and Children’s Pastor of UPPERROOM Church in Dallas, Texas. She and her husband Nathan, cofounder and designer/video editor, have five children, who also participate in the curriculum creation process. As the Slaughters faced tragedy, God began to restore their hearts through family Bible times centered around God’s Timeline of Redemption. These teachings are now available in this year-long kids ministry curriculum.

Children's Book Available Now

The Timeline of Genesis

Timeline Kids has also produced children’s books to accompny the curriculum. In our first published book, The Timeline of Genesis, we examine the foundational book of the Bible. Genesis can tell us how things began, why things went wrong, and how God plans to redeem all things. God promises that a child will come from Eve’s family and this child will restore the perfect peace, rest, and blessing as it was in the beginning. You can purchase this children’s book on Amazon now!

Commonly Asked Children's Ministry Curriculum Questions

What is the cost of Timeline Kids Curriculum?

Detailed pricing information can be found on our pricing page. We offer different pricing tiers based on the size of your children's ministry. To determine the suitable tier for your needs, add up the total number of children participating in your children's ministry on a weekly basis.

Where do I get the lesson plans and video clips?

Upon completing your subscription, you'll gain access to your account using your designated username and password. Within your dashboard, you'll seamlessly explore categorized folders for different months and weeks, allowing you to effortlessly retrieve the required files. The interface is designed to be user-friendly, similar to Google Drive.

How many lessons are included?

In all, there are 50 lessons available per year, distributed across four units throughout the year. Year 1 is available now and Year 2 will be available this August 2024. Each unit spans 3 months and comprises four lessons per month. Additionally, we've included special Christmas and Easter lessons that you can incorporate as per your annual schedule. Check out our Curriculum outline pdf for more information.

Do I get a whole year of lessons all at once?

Upon initial registration, the complete annual curriculum will not be immediately accessible. Instead, you will be granted "rolling access", which involves a gradual and timed release of content. Upon signup, you will find Unit 1 displayed in your dashboard, covering a span of 3 months worth of lessons. After a 2-month interval, Unit 2 will become visible in your dashboard. This pattern continues with the appearance of Unit 3 after 5 months, and Unit 4 after 8 months

Do you have a document that I can show my Church Board?

Absolutely! You have the option to provide them with our curriculum plan. You can alseo download our free lesson to review the lesson plans, coloring sheets, and video clips.

What is included with my subscription to Timeline Kids?

You get rolling access to multiple years of Curriculum. Each week's lesson includes tailored lesson plans for ages ranging from 6 months to 6 years. This includes a 3-4 minute animated video, as well as coloring and activity sheets.

How many kids ministry curriculum videos are there?

Timeline includes 26 lesson videos. Each video is a 3-4 minute animated video with voiceovers recorded by children! Each month has 2 unique videos that cover the 4 different lessons for the month. Meaning each video clip will be used for two weeks. This improves retention and understanding and accounts for students who might have missed the previous week. (There are 4 unique sets of lesson plans, coloring sheets, and activities per month)

What happens after the 2023-2024 year is over?

Year 1 “God’s Plan of Redemption” is available now. Year 2 “The Testimony of Jesus" will be available starting this school year, August 2024. We’re planning to do a third year but haven't put out anything official yet. Essentially, you will be able to cycle through three unique years of Curriculum for years to come, if you maintain an active subscription.

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